Iker Madoz


Although mountaineering has historically cultivated an epic air of drama, that discourse hasn’t gotten to Iker Madoz. This mountaineer from Pamplona stubbornly smiles through all situations, no matter how difficult or perilous. His is mountaineering with a friendly face, where it’s not about the feat of summiting, but rather enjoying the journey. Iker evades the dangers inherent in the world of mountaineering with his excellent technique and considerable know-how. Where others see storm clouds, he sees the possibility of enjoying something few can. His precocity paves the way for a serene, smiling maturity that has led him to be considered one of the most promising assets in Spanish mountaineering.

Soon to receive a degree in exercise and sports science, exploring the paths of training as a high mountain guide, Madoz continues to climb with his dad, his first role model, the teacher who showed him that mountains aren’t just about passion, but also fun.