Pòl Tellosa

Freeride skier

Pól was born in the Arán Valley in 2001 and has always been an athlete and avid skier. He started freeriding with a club as a hobby and progressed to compete nationally and internationally moving from the Freeride Junior Tour to the Freeride World Qualifier.

Since he began skiing professionally, he has worked with a number of major brands. His dream of winning the Freeride World Tour Qualifier gets closer with every step he takes. His professional milestones include the following.

  • 2015: Debut at the Freeride Junior Tour.
  • 2016/17: First Spanish junior rider selected for the Free Junior World Championship.
  • 2018/19: Farewell to the FJT and 3rd place at Verbier (Switzerland) for the FJT Europe/Oceania Cup.
  • 2020: Debut at the Freeride World Tour Qualifier.
  • 2021/22: First place on the French Freeride Series of Bonneval Sur Arc (France).